About Us

Therapy Chapters is a psychotherapy and wellbeing centre that offers services for counselling, psychotherapy sessions, and therapy studies. It is registered in the UK as a private limited company (Registration Certificate No: 11941379) with its offices in London, UK, and in Lahore, Pakistan.

Psychotherapy and Wellbeing Centre

Counselling and Psychotherapy Sessions

Therapy Studies and Training Programmes

RCC: Roundtable Connecting Counsellors

Our Aim

To help individuals live a better life.

Our Misson

  • to create awareness on the importance of mental health.
  • to facilitate individuals in identifying the disturbing behaviour and mental health challenges at an early stage.
  • to help individuals understand their own behaviour patterns and the underlying reasons.
  • to prepare individuals to deal with their own emotional problems.
  • to provide professional services to people with mental health issues.


In Pakistan people still struggle with their mental health, refraining from seeking help due to the fear of being judged or labelled. Even the students of psychology, counselling and psychotherapy have to face this wrath. This is very disturbing as it destroys relationships and affect the entire life.

In spite of significant developments around the world in creating awareness and tackling the stigma attached to seeking mental help, Pakistan still lags far behind in making it socially acceptable to seek therapy.

Therapy Chapters is a small effort to tackle this and to create a supportive and friendly environment where people are able to help themselves, their families and friends in times of need.

Therapy Chapters endeavours to make people aware of their own, their family and friends’ emotional wellbeing and to make them comfortable in seeking help when required.

Our Affiliations

Therapy Chapters is a CPCAB approved centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy training programmes.

CPCAB, widely recognized as Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB) has grown to become the UK’s leading awarding body specialised in counselling.
Forming part of the Counselling Psychology Services Group (CPS), it offers vocational qualifications in over 300 training centres throughout the UK and overseas with over 13,000 candidates registering each year. CPCAB is the only awarding body run by counsellors for counsellors.

At Therapy Chapters, our CPCAB training programmes start with
CHIC-L4 ( Certificate in Humanistic Integrative Counselling, Level 4)
This is a Tailor-made qualification, planned with focus on the contextual settings. This Certificate is awarded by CPCAB.

After completing CHIC-L4, the trainees progress to the DipHIC-L5 (Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling, Level 5) also accredited by CPCAB.
DipHIC-L5 is a 15-month training programme.
After completing DipHIC-L5, the trainees are qualified to practice as counsellors/ therapists.

Both these qualifications are internationally accepted.