This course is titled CHIC-L4. It is a one year study programme and is based on  humanistic integrative approach to counselling. This study programme is a tailor-made qualification (TMQ)and has been designed after months of hard work and close coordination with the CPCAB,UK.

This programme lays the foundation of studies for a person who:

* wants to work on personal growth and development

* aims to pursue a career in counselling, tutoring, school education, mental health or social services.


There are four modules in this study programme:

  1. Introduction to Counselling and Humanistic theories. This is a deeper level of Introduction to counselling that is taught at the beginner”s level separately.
  2. Person-centred Approach to Counselling
  3. Gestalt Approach to Counselling
  4. Transactional Analysis Approach to Counselling

Mode of Delivery: Both Online and In-person classes ( In-person classes only in Lahore and Islamabad)

Course duration: 12 months

Timings:  mornings and evenings

Classes: Once a week

Duration of each class: 3  1/2 hours per day.

Registration Fee: Rs. 25,000/= (one time payment)

Monthly Fee : Rs. 17,000/= per month.

CPCAB Fee: for international registration (one time payment that is due 3 months after the course starts).

It is an experiential study programme that focusses on practising the skills learned, role plays, placements, personal therapy and CPD.