This 12-week study programme is based on the core principles of counselling with a strong focus on personal development.

This is the beginner’s level basic course and is taught as a part of  the CHIC-L4 modules. This course is offered only to the students enrolled in our Certificate Level 4.

This is the first step to the studies of counselling and psychotherapy that sets the students on the path of self-exploration, giving them a solid grounding to acquire the skills required to be a counsellor.

It is an interactive and experiential study programme that improves interpersonal relations and communication skills and develops one’s own level of awareness and a better understanding of others.

It is offered both physically(in the classroom) or via zoom or similar platforms.

Age specification: 18 years and above


Students of A -Levels/ Intermediate


People on their journey of self-exploration and personal development.


Duration of the course: 12 weeks (3 months)

                 Classes: Once a week

              Duration of each class: 3 1/2 hours