Teenagers develop social skills and coping mechanisms as they grow to live healthy and happy lives.

Teenage is the most crucial stage of life, where the teens grow out of childhood, becoming slightly more independent, trying to form identities by trying out new roles and behaviors.

Puberty occurs at this change brings many physical and emotional changes in a teen’s life affecting the parent-teen relationship; emotional highs and lows are there, sometimes boundaries are not followed and rebellious outbursts emerge

Every child responds differently to different situations. Some events that impact a teenager’s mental health may be food and eating issues, bullying, teacher bias or favouritism, parental neglect, death of a loved one, parental relationships, low self-esteem, sibling rivalry, etc.

If these are not addressed timely, they may result in adverse effects on the teenager’s mental health.

Our trained and experienced mental health professionals tackle these in a very sophisticated manner thus solving minor issues that may become major or critical mental health issues.

Teen Therapy is highly advised to help the teens deal with their issues efficaciously.