The Kickstarters is a group therapy programme, aiming to encourage happier, healthier children.

This programme’s main objective is to teach young children ways to deal with a number of difficult situations they may come across in their young lives.

Our facilitators adopt strategies to help children become resilient while focusing on love, happiness, and kindness. Children feel safe, happy, and relaxed and their positive energy enables them to make friends easily and be confident.

The students learn to manage their worries, communicate effectively, manage friendships and bullying and build positive relationships with friends and family.


Age specification: 6  to 11 years old girls and boys (age-wise mixed group)

 Duration of the Course: 8 weeks ( 2 months)

 Classes: Once a week

 Duration of each class: 1  and a half – 2  hours

 Fees: Rs. 6,000 per month