• We are passionate about child and adolescent mental wellbeing and this has led us to develop various training programmes for them.
  • RedRiders is a group programme for young boys that aims at encouraging them to become boys with a purpose and direction.
  • Our facilitators use different strategies eg discussions, activities, videos and games to encourage the participants to share and learn about personal worth and self-esteem, communication, healthy relationships, dealing with risk, self-care, social skills and confidence. They learn to regulate emotions, reduce anxiety, stress and depressive symptoms. They are taught coping strategies to deal with different situations eg bullying, anxieties etc.
  • They gain a greater understanding of themselves and of others around them.
  • They learn to accept responsibility in life.
  • The group setting is safe and supportive that allows the group members to experiment without the fear of failure. An ideal programme for boys aspiring to lead or be high-achievers.

Age specification: 13 to 20 years old boys

 Duration of the Course: 8 weeks ( 2 months)

 Classes: Once a week

 Duration of each class: 2 hours