Diploma in Relationship and Family Counselling, Level 6 is a specialist training programme that is a tailor made qualification specifically designed to address the complex and varied needs with reference to relationships in today’s fast-paced world. We teach the trainees how to integrate different relationship therapies to work effectively as relationship counsellors. It is important to note that relationship counselling is not just couples counselling . The spectrum of relationships is much wider than marriage counselling and in this course we cover all the tenets that come under the category of relationships, be it Couples, Parent-Child, Family etc.

Course Duration: 12-month classes.

Classes: Once a week

Duration of each class: 3  1/2 hour


Fee for Pakistani Students

Registration Fee: Rs. 35,000/- (one time payment)

Monthly Fee: Rs. 30,000/per month


Fee for international students applying from other countries . This fee is to be paid into our UK bank account.

Registration Fee: £ 250/= (one time payment)

Monthly Fee : £ 200/= per month.


Along with this the CPCAB Registration fee £350/– (one time payment) is due after 5 weeks into the course. Please note that the CPCAB Registration Fee is separate and has to be paid only when the batch is registered.